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Online Shipping Cloud Platform

Shipping Cloud Platform is the first real-time integrated web application designed for Global Logistics Providers and Supply Chain Management. Shipping Cloud Platform connects Principal with all the agents worldwide instantly. Shipping Cloud Platform is equipped and enriched with the ability to adopt multi-currency and multiple time zones, which would optimize user experience with access anywhere. Users will be given access for to link with the precise agent anywhere in the world, in accordance with the most suited time frame. This unique system is specifically designed for NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier), VOCC (vessel operating common carrier), Freight Forwarders and other Logistics companies. This automated system starting with the releasing of a container from the respective origin yard/warehouse and the ultimate completion of its journey, which is the reporting of the said container at exported country’s yard/warehouse. Further this will envelope all the transactions, collections and payments, whilst on cycle.
Yard/Warehouse IN and OUT equipment inventory
  • All the connected agents can monitor their precise inventory real-time in ware-house/yard.
  • Dedicated portal for yard/warehouse to maintain yard-in, yard-out and container reservations.
  • In & out container movement update. Such as returning once taken from the Yard/ware house.
  • Container condition and grading, analyzing for future requirements, as to implement quick remedies such as upgrading.
Generate Booking Confirmation and Release Order to the yard/warehouse
  • Issue real-time release order to the yard/warehouse to release containers.
  • Once the container released from the yard, automated system is ready to issue the Bill of Lading for respective release order.
  • Yard/ Warehouse receives an alert once the system issues a release order.
Prepare Bill of Lading in accordance with the release order.
  • Issue Bill of Lading for reserved of yard out containers.
  • Prompt recognition for invalid or unknown container numbers.
  • Issue non-inventory Bill of Lading for temporary forwarding agents. This option is only valid for lease and swap containers.
  • Issue Switch BL for issued BL or fresh mode.
  • Remote BL printer. Any of agent’s client can prepare the Bill of Lading and send it for Agent’s approval. Once the Agent approves the BL, client can direct print the original BL with a special desktop app. Client is always limited to number of copies can print as per the Agent approval.
  • Print of multiple BL formats as per the access authority directed by principal.
Prepare Arrival Notice for issued Bill of Lading
  • When the BL finalized, forwarding agent gets an alert to prepare the Arrival Notice. The BL details will be captured at agent’s office with sufficient data for the preparation of Arrival notice.
  • Online system automatically gets all the BL information to the Arrival Notice.
  • Arrival Notice can be issued as an Invoice format as well according to the requirement of the client.
  • Include of charges in multi-currency optimizes the user experience.
  • Receiving the costing for each charge invoiced to Client with profit calculation.
Invoice, Voucher and Receipt
  • Issue of Invoice for Bill of Lading, Arrival Notice and other charges.
  • Invoice can automatically obtain appropriate BL information prior to Invoice process.
  • Issue vouchers for expenses for the agent.
  • Submit Receipt for the Arrival Notice, Invoice and Detention Invoice
Customs Import General Manifest and Delivery Order
  • Automatically generate and download of IGM file to be submitted to the Customs. User can make changes to the XML file via online system with user friendly environment.
  • Automatically generate of D/O to be submitted to the Customs. Most of the time, information may vary and can be edit any time prior to the print.
  • Agents can always edit saved IGM and D/O as required by the Customs changes.
Automated Detention Invoice
  • According to Bill of Lading Detention Free days, Detention Invoice automatically calculate as per the agent’s detention tariff.
  • Yard in expired containers not allowed to yard in unless issue a detention invoice and receipt.
  • Multi-currency support detention invoice preparation.
Yard/Warehouse Portal
  • Monitor all the container status, agent and yard/warehouse.
  • Yard in Containers on time according to client returns or swaps.
  • Reservation of any container according to release order. Yard can reserve containers for particular order for prevent any dispute.
  • Shipper out containers according to release order. User can select container number with a dropdown from reserved or in yard containers.
  • Transfer containers from Agent to Agent or Yard to Yard.
  • Principal can change the status of container at any moment.
User Access Control, Report Format and Logo Manager(admin)
  • Registration of new users, edit users and delete users. Only principal is able to create agents and users for join to the Online Shipping Cloud.
  • Selecting access areas for users. Principal can select what are the areas of access with Add New, Update, View and Delete.
  • Formatting Reports including Booking Confirmation, Release Order, Bill of Lading, Arrival Notice, Invoice, Voucher, Receipt and Detention Invoice.
  • Select of Company logos for agents. Customize Logo and report Signature for each report.
  • Make of custom BL formats for agents. Principal is able to design custom format BLs with HTML codes.
  • Prevent or Allow users of accessing multiple BL formats and Upload/Export excel documents.
Clients, Vendors and Yard/Warehouse handling.
  • Registration of New Clients, Vendors and Warehouse. Principal only able to Register New Agents.
  • All the agents are able to create, edit, view and delete their own clients, vendors and warehouse.
  • Agents are able to view their clients outstanding and vendor dues.
  • Principal can view all the agents outstanding.
  Reports and Excel Exports/Imports
  • All the agents are able to print of their container moments and history.
  • View All the agents back date yard in details. It reflects the agent made yard in container without proper detention charges. This will make detention disputes to zero.
  • View all the Agents issued Receipt amounts. Each Agent can view their own receipts totals.
  • View all the Agents issued Arrival Notice, Invoice and Detention Invoice totals. Each Agent also has the permission to view their own invoice totals.
  • View the idle or pending containers in yard/warehouse for long time.
  • Export of all the reports to Excel format.

Shipping Platform - FAQ

  • To whom this software is designed for?
  • BCO/VOCC/FREIGHT FORWARDER/NVOCC Companies can use this software platform to gain more power to their business.
  • What is VOCC and NVOCC Company?
  • VOCC, stands for Vessel Operating Common Carrier and NVOCC is Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier. Read more
  • What is the cost for this software?
  • Startup(one time) fee is US$299. Afterwords we will charge only US$6.99 per BL you issue.
  • How long time will it take to start the system after I register?
  • Once you register with us by paying US$299, immediately we will dedicate cloud space for you. Within 2 working days, your system will start to function. Our team members will help you to insert/upload all the necessary data to the system before you start the work. Our team will assist you to insert all of your Agents and create their logins. Thereafter we start to insert/upload All of your Clients, Vendors and Inventory data to the system. For the meantime your Agents also need to do the same process. All this process time is depend the clarity of your data. It doesn't matter the quantity. All the process will take 3 days to 1 week to start work with the system.
  • Do I have any commitment for this package?
  • No. You do not have pay extra
  • What happend, if I didn't issue any BLs within a month?
  • You do not need to pay anything. your bill is zero.
  • What are the features I will get for Free with this system?
    • Raise Booking Confirmation and Release Order to warehouse/yard(s) before they release containers. Live portal immediately alert to the warehouse/yard and give them permission to yard out containers. Once containers out from warehouse/yard Agent get notified immediately and can be prepared to issue the Bill of Lading(s).
    • Prepare Bill of Lading with reference to Release Order. Real time BL prints and allow Clients to print BL on remote location.
    • Once you complete the BL, forwarding agent get a notification to prepare the arrival notice. Arrival Notice reflects with Actual Arrival Date, Detention Free Days and Charges to be collected from customer.
    • Register of Dummy BLs and Switch BLs as you required.
    • After receive payment from the customer, you can issue the automated D/O to the customer. From the date arrived to the port, detention days count.
    • Prepare automated import general manifest(IMG) for customs.
    • When the customer return the container(s), yard portal can yard in if there is no detention. If it is expired detention free days, yard portal unable to yard in containers until the detention invoice prepared by the agent and customer pay the full detention amount.
    • Issue Receipts and vouchers for all kind of payments and maintain clients and vendors due amounts.
    • Transferring containers from yard-to-yard or agent-to-agent facility which agents can exchange their containers.
    • monitor all the container movements and live status.
    • Time Zone management with All the agents as per the geographical location.
    • Handle multiple currencies and automated exchange rate retrieval.
    • Statement of Account for all the agents. Once the agent submit a SOA for a period, Principal may approve or reject it.
    • Get the all income from Arrival Notice(s), Invoice(s) and Detention Invoice(s) sort by agents.
    • Process many kind of progress reports against all the agents. Various reports(Sales/Inventory/Client/Vendor/Yard).
    • Get the history reports of all the containers and all the agents activities.
    • Upload excel sheet directly to the cloud and extract data
    • Bulk upload of inventory, client list, vendor list and company logos.
    • Download of all type of reports in excel and PDF formats
    • Excel copy paste option for Bill of Lading and other forms to ensure quick document preparation.
  • How many agents I can include around the world?
  • Unlimited. You can register any number of agents from anywhere.
  • How much do you charge per agent which I register?
  • FREE. everything we provide you free except BLs.
  • How many users I can register?
  • Unlimited. You can register any number of users from anywhere.
  • What is the web space I will get?
  • Unlimited. You will have unlimited web space.
  • Can I have a tariff with cost lower than this amount?
  • No. This is the lowest price we can offer you. We guarantee that we give you the lowest price in the Shipping Industry market. First time in the history, we provide a total solution for Shipping Industry.
  • Do you provide us a telephone support?
  • Yes. We provide you telephone support in all working hours. Not only telephone support, we provide you remote desktop support as well.
    Shipping Cloud Pricing
    • Pay As You Go
    • $ 299.99 / Registration + $ 6.99 / BL
    • Unlimited BLs worldwide
    • Unlimited Agents worldwide
    • Unlimited users, cloud space, bandwidth
    • Unlimited transactions
    • 1 year free telephone support
    • 99.9% up time with cloud replication
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